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TEBA organises Thai suppliers meet Volkswagon

TEBA organises Thai suppliers meet Volkswagon

With Volkswagen, Europe’s largest manufacturer, expanding its presence in Southeast Asia, the company is keen to find the best of Thailand’s automotive suppliers to source parts from. With this in mind, this year’s IZB – International Suppliers Fair is focusing on ASEAN as the exhibition’s partner region. IZB started as an internal suppliers event for Volkswagen but has developed into Europe’s largest automotive suppliers exhibition. TEBA has made special arrangement’s with the organizer to participate with a booth to showcase Thailand automotive suppliers sector.


To present more about the IZB and Volkswagen’s plans in the region, TEBA invited Mr. Kelvinder Singh from VW Group Malaysia to meet with some of Thailand’s top automotive supplier companies recently during the Thailand Auto Parts and Accessories (TAPA) exhibition.

Mr. Singh played a video that presented the Volkswagen Group and its various brands. He then went on to talk about the company’s global presence and sales activities. He also educated the assembled automotive suppliers on Volkswagen’s sourcing and supplier registration process. Other interesting topics discussed were Volkwagen’s future plans in Southeast Asia and especially the company’s plans for Thailand. Volkswagen has now signed up to Phase II of Thailand’s eco car program. The program requires a minimum annual capacity of 100,000 units.

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