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Industrial investment remains high in 2013

Industrial investment remains high in 2013

The Industry Ministry has issued industrial manufacturing licenses to 5,222 operators in 2013. Permanent Secretary Witoon Simachokedee said that their total investment, excluding land cost, is Bt474 billion. The investment creates 173,085 new jobs. Download latest BOI investment statistics here.
Of total, 4,589 licenses were issued to new factories and only 633 were issued for factory expansion projects.

Following this, the total number of factories in Thailand has reached 140,158. Their total investment value is Bt5.6 trillion and they employ 4.07 million workers.

The number of licenses showed a 2 per cent decrease from last year, when 5,309 licenses were issued. However, the investment sum increased by Bt124 billion or 35 per cent. The number of employment dropped by 8,467 or 5 per cent.

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