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TEBA supports on Thailand Education Development

Presently, the country’s education at all levels are facing with the challenges and in particularly the evolution in the digital era that offers no limitation of time and place as the digital content can now be delivered via variety of communication devices. However, the content developed for students, parents, and general public must be standardized, accurate, integrated, up-to-date, and practical in order to improve both knowledge and acceptable behavior leading the profound wisdom to the nation.

As aforementioned, the mission of all sectors is to share the same goal and target to drive the future of the nation and its educational system to be consistent with this borderless world. TEBA helps to support “Thailand Digital Education Content Kick Off Campaign” consisting of social, private , academics, financial and banking and other sectors initiated on Thailand Digital Education Content Kick Off Campaign; and invited the Minister of Education to co-host the initiative.  The objective is to encourage all parties to realize the importance of Digital Content for Thai education and be able to exchange opinions among stakeholders including social and business sectors as well as family institution. This will help create effective education system to provide students with the right skills and knowledge Hence, this MoU marks the beginning of cooperative effort among stakeholders contributing to this educational reform. The event takes place on the 7th December 2013, 10.00-12.00hrs, at 2nd floor, Conventional Hall 1, Learning Center Building D, Thai PBS. Also, at the event, the Minister of Education will provide keynote speech on “the challenges of educational reform in 21st century” to the audience.


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