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Government delegates join TEBA in Singapore mission to discover latest automotive environmental trends, developments and technologies

Government delegates join TEBA in Singapore mission to discover latest automotive environmental trends, developments and technologies

Bangkok: The Thai European Business Association (TEBA) invited delegates from the various government agencies, utilities and academia to visit Singapore to demonstrate first-hand the latest trends and innovations in environmental sustainability for the auto-industry, including the new BMW i3 and the new BMW i8 concept electric vehicles, as well as the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure solution provided by Bosch.

During the course of the mission, delegates were shown the very latest technologies designed to minimize the impact that automobiles have on the natural environment, whilst still meeting the needs of the modern motorist, passing on knowledge that will be vital for the government sector when it comes to formulating future policies and economic plans relating to the country’s electric vehicle industry.

Hugh Vanijprabha, Executive Director of TEBA explained the purpose of the mission; “Safeguarding our natural reserve is a responsibility that we must all face up to and the auto-industry is no exception. With new technologies come new possibilities for enhancing environmental sustainability and the purpose of this trip was to demonstrate that these new technologies exist and to explore how they might be put to use in transforming the industry. Thailand’s auto-industry has developed in leaps and bounds over recent years, becoming the 10th largest producer in the world. If Thailand is to maintain and strengthen this position, Electric Vehicle (EV) could be adopted as another product champion for Thailand –to be ahead of the curve. By showcasing the technologies that could enable this to happen, we hope to be able to help Thailand to lead in global auto-industry as it transitions to a more environmentally friendly footing”.

Government delegates were able to see and experience the newest technological offerings from automotive companies including the BMW Group whose efforts to define the future of urban mobility were on display in the form of the new BMW i3 which will be the first-ever premium electric car on the market, having receiving its world premiere in 2013. It has been designed from the very beginning as an EV and is based on a highly efficient eDrive powertrain, offering zero-emission mobility.

Krisda Utamote, Director Corporate Communications of BMW Group Thailand, said “The design, space concept and driving characteristics of the BMW i3 are part of an overall package that opens up an all-new experience of emission-free mobility. The revolutionary character of the BMW i3 is the result of a unique vehicle architecture combined with drive system technology developed in-house at the BMW Group exclusively for BMW i models. Extensive road tests conducted as part of project i proved that the car’s range of 130 to 160 kilometres in everyday conditions is adequate to comfortably meet the day-to-day mobility needs of the target customer group around the world.“

“The consistently sustainable design of the BMW i3 makes it the perfect vehicle for urban environments, particularly for megacities such as Bangkok: driven by pure electric power and customised for the requirements of a sustainable and emission-free mobility, it embodies an intelligent form of travel. The vehicle represents an integrated and harmonious concept where every detail has been optimised to its purpose.“ e added.

Mr. Peter Vandlik, Managing Director of Bosch in Thailand, said “Electric mobility is fast becoming a reality. Software plays a crucial role to intelligently network charging stations, as well as enable other value-added services such as roaming across various charging service providers.  As the appointed infrstructure service provider for the current EV test-bed in Singapore, Bosch is responsible for the design and development of the charging infrastructure as well as its implementation, operation and maintenance.  Bosch has been involved in the area of electric mobility for several years now, where we offer easy-to-use and comprehensive solutions for service providers, EV operators and manufacturers, as well as fleet operators.

Concluding the trip,Hugh Vanijprabha noted that “The government has consistent in its offer to support that has enabled the industry to thrive. We remain confident that the government will factor in the latest developments regarding environmental sustainability including electric vehicles and related infrastructure when charting the future course and articulating future goals for the industry, and TEBA together with its members stand ready to assist in whatever way we can to support this endeavor.”

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