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Thailand as logistic hub of ASEAN: Challenges and opportunities for cross – border trade

As Thailand relies its economy on exports particularly to the ASEAN region, logistic physical infrastructure and its management will play a significant role. Therefore the public sector must commit its long-term plan in developing an effective country’s transport system to gain greater competitiveness. For private sector, logistics are considered the most important activities and have the most valuable in the process of business operations.

Thailand Labour: Current status, Challenges and Next steps

This breakfast session has objectives to – Understand the current and future demand and supply of labour market. – create awareness of government policies from ministries and progresses in ensuring quality workforce will meet growing demand of the industrial sectors. – discuss how public and private sector can collaborate to ensure that availability of labour workforce, qualitatively and quantitatively.

January Breakfast on Thailand Labour: Current status, Challenges and Next steps

Education reform in Thailand has successfully raised educational qualifications since 1997. Subsequently, unemployment rate has declined especially those with diplomas or vocational diplomas. This has resulted in the shortage of low-skilled labour while diploma holders require industrial experience in order to enter international working environment

TEBA launches new capacity building programmes

Specifically, purpose of TEBA is to promote cooperation in various industrial, technological and scientific spheres between enterprises, companies, universities from Thailand and Europe. TEBA’s activities is mostly concentrate on investment promotion and technology transfer rendering assistance industrial areas through capacity building programmes

Thai-European Business Association and Board of Investment Joint committee on FDI

Thai-European Business Association and its corporate partners had a meeting on the 5th April 2012 with Dr. Atchaka Sibunruang, Deputy Secretary General of BoI to follow up from previous meeting with Minister Pongsavas Svasti to setup the structure to the joint committee and officially appoint industrial sub-committee from the Ministry of Industry.

Meeting with Minister of Industry

Thai-European Business Association (TEBA) and its partners had a meeting with Mister of Industry H.E. Pongsvas Svasti on 13th March 2012, a proposed joint working committee was established with intention to follow up with actions to be taken according to industrial specific recommendations. Dr. Atchaka Sibunruang, Secretary General, Thailand Board of Investment has been appointed to chaired the Joint Committee collaborating with Thai-European Business Association (TEBA), 5 industrial sectors have been set as priorities are: Food, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive/Autoparts, Aerospace and Green Technology.

Michelin Siam at BOI fair

Michelin Siam decorates its pavilion to show innovation of tire under the concept “Michelin A Touch of Tire.” Learn about Michelin’s development path starting from the plantation of rubber to its high-technology tire production process through exhibition in rubber plantation zone, Michelin laboratory as well as 4-dimension technology in the 4D theatre.

TEBA Automotive Platform breakfast meeting

TEBA Automotive Platform have identify these issues and concerned in cooperating European Automotive Industries to analyze common issues on the following topics: 1. Homologation 2. Taxation 3. Alternative fuels and Electric Vehicles 4. Safety and Environmental Protection 5. Grey Market 6. AEC 2015

Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) Public Health Network – Accurate Scenarios, Active Preparedness (ASAP) Project

The ASEF Public Health Network is a participatory platform which encourages public health dialogue between Asia and Europe. ASEF-ASAP scenarios development is an initiative by the Network towards enhanced multi-sectoral pandemic preparedness.

TEBA Newsletter

I am delighted to announce the launch of Thai European Business Association and also the “THAIEURO.BIZ” e-newsletter. It will play a crucial role in our effort in providing the services for both Thai and European businesses in Thailand and Europe. Our key services include Industrial cooperation, trade and investment promotion both at the national and regional levels.

Overview on Smart Grid meeting (30/03/11)

Smart grid is a major topic of interest. Smart grid procedure is to use energy more effectively, by being more efficient as consumer wants cheap and reliable energy today.

Seminar: Renewable Energy Development and Investment Horizons towards Smart Grid

This seminar is mainly addressed to company CEOs, Chief developers and engineers and other professionals of the Energy sector in Thailand willing to: • Understand from the Ministry of Energy’s core policy maker what are the new policies and planning to support country’s clean energy development in short and long terms towards Smart Grid. • Gain insights from BOI into their planned investment criteria for energy projects • Identify opportunities and exchange ideas to strategisebusiness development. • Stay up to date and be competitive in this dynamic sector

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