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Elections to the European Parliament between 22 and 25 May 2014

Elections to the European Parliament will be held in all member states of the European Union (EU) between 22 and 25 May 2014. It will be the eighth Europe-wide election to the European Parliament since the first direct elections in 1979.

TEBA Weekly Report on Bangkok Shutdown – 17 February 2014

Looking Ahead: Gov to retake 5 protest sites; No solution for Farmer payment; PDRC remains firm on non-negotiable term for Gov to resign.

TEBA Weekly Report on Bangkok Shutdown – 10 February 2014

Unpaid Rice Scheme, EC to decide on Election and Gov. to arrest PDRC leaders and many more…

TEBA Report on Bangkok Shutdown – 2 February 2014

Mixed reaction but smooth election: Almost no trouble in the North and North East voting. While many voters are able to vote in some Bangkok districts, the southern part also struggled to carry out. Overall, unusually low voter turnouts, estimated around 20-30%, casting doubt over poll outcome.

TEBA: Bangkok Shutdown – 19 January 2014

Attack pattern: Late night-time shooting aiming at PDRC security guards and Day-time bombing aiming at the protesters.

TEBA: Bangkok Shutdown – 16 January 2014

Negotiation continues to ease the tension between Election Commission and the government. While protesters would not except delay unless reform process is agreed along with Prime Minister resigns from her post.

TEBA: Bangkok Shutdown – 14 January 2014

While Emergency degree is not necessitated, CAPO 3rd announcement late night of 14 January 2014 that suspected protesters are forbidden to commute on 12 roads

TEBA: Bangkok Shutdown – 15 January 2014

Prime Minister chaired discussion on delay of election, most participants from 70 organisations that the government has no authority to change and agreed to the February 2.

TEBA: Bangkok Shutdown – 13 January 2014

PDRC moved in and now in controlled all 7 sites as planned.

The EU has invited researchers to its biggest-ever research funding programme

The EU has invited researchers to apply for the first part of its biggest-ever research funding programme, Horizon 2020, marking a major milestone for Europe as it seeks to create the jobs it needs to grow its way out of the financial crisis.

Fiat agrees to buy remaining Chrysler stake in $4.35 billion deal

MILAN — Fiat said Wedneday it had signed an agreement to buy the remaining 41.46 percent stake it does not own in Chrysler Group from the United Auto Workers VEBA Trust, the last step needed before the Italian and U.S. carmakers can merge.

TEBA: Bangkok Shutdown – 26 January 2014

Early Election Chaos A total of 440,000 people nationwide could not cast their advance votes on Sunday as a total of 89 constituencies out of 375 have been closed according to the Election Commission (EC).