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RI to foster ASEAN-EU economic cooperation

Jakarta, May 6 (ANTARA) – Indonesia, current chair of ASEAN, is leading an effort to foster economic and trade cooperation between ASEAN and the European Union, two regions if combined together would form a huge market of one billion population and a combined gross domestic product (GDP) of US$16.7 trillion.

TEBA Newsletter

I am delighted to announce the launch of Thai European Business Association and also the “THAIEURO.BIZ” e-newsletter. It will play a crucial role in our effort in providing the services for both Thai and European businesses in Thailand and Europe. Our key services include Industrial cooperation, trade and investment promotion both at the national and regional levels.

EU gives fruit exporters ultimatum

Thailand has one year to meet standards Thailand has until next January to prove that all shipments of 16 suspect vegetable types to the EU meet quality standard requirements, says the Thailand Trade Representative Office (TTR).

European collaboration on food safety

Experts in the UK are working with Thailand’s food industry to prevent contamination of animal food products that can cause food poisoning. The photo above is a microscopic view of the campylobacter bacteria responsible for food poisoning discussed in today’s article. Today’s article is full of English vocabulary that will be useful for students aiming at a career in health professions such as nursing and medicine.

EU prefers Asean-wide FTA

Thailand remains keen to have a bilateral free trade agreement with the European Union (EU) while the latter prefers to seal a region-wide pact with all Asean members, say the delegations of both sides.

Revised EU carbon plan will hit Asean

Southeast Asian nations including Thailand may lose an opportunity to sell more carbon credits to the European market after 2012 as the world’s largest carbon market is increasing its purchases from less developed countries. The Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organisation (TGO) has acknowledged the issue and been in contact with European delegations in Thailand in discussing solutions, said its deputy executive director Prasertsuk Chamornman.

Oil Market Outlook

Crude prices remained at 30-month highs last week as supply worries persisted amid turmoil in Libya and the Middle East. Concerns over softer demand, triggered by interest rate hikes in China and Europe and a major aftershock in Japan, capped a further rally. ICE Brent gained $7.95 from the previous week to settle at $126.65 a barrel. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) rose $4.85 to $112.79.

European SMEs especially keen on Asean presence and role in global supply chain.

PHNOM PENH : The European Union, despite the ongoing economic woes of some of its members, is keen to increase its trade and investment into the smaller countries of Asean as it says there is a greater potential for growth in this part of the world.

Aroma marketing firm smells success

A Finland-based aroma marketing company hopes its new technology will energise Thailand’s printing and packaging industry by stimulating advertising with its low cost. Finland-based KA Aroma Marketing LLC is poised to enter Thailand this year, expecting newspapers and magazines can attract more advertising by offering something new media cannot.

Overview on Smart Grid meeting (30/03/11)

Smart grid is a major topic of interest. Smart grid procedure is to use energy more effectively, by being more efficient as consumer wants cheap and reliable energy today.

BOI approves measure to relieve impact from strong bath

Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) has offered new measures to help allevaite the impact from strong bath

In the mix: diversifying investments

Prime numbers are numbers that can be wholly divided only by themselves and one. Some experts say that prime investments are just as specific and unique. However, this is not really the case. Investment types and styles vary markedly, as do investors’ opinions about what is best suited to their individual needs.